Arry and Bert
First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)
Basis BR Class 08 Shunters
Livery Grey with yellow hazard stripes on their fronts and rears and yellow cabs.
Voice Actor KnapfordMaster98

Arry and Bert are two gruff smelting diesels.  They live and work at the Sodor Dieselworks under the orders of P.T. Boomer. They also sometimes work with Diesel, Paxton, and Mavis on the Standard Gauge lines of the Blue Mountain Quarry.


Arry and Bert arrived on Sodor under shady, possible illegal circumstances. They were brought to Sodor under the orders of P.T. Boomer to work at the Vicarstown Dieselworks.They were quick to ally themselves with the troublemakers of Sodor, such as Diesel, Bulgy, and Den and Dart. Eventually, when the North Western Railway scored a contract with the Vicarstown Dieselworks for them to merge, the steam engines were not happy that the two smelting diesels would become a part of the Sodor fleet.

When Diesel 10The Diesel, D199, Splatter, and Dodge arrived at the Dieselworks to work from the Other Railway, the fun really began, and with the addition of Diesel to the Dieselworks crew, the engines caused loads of trouble. Sir Topham Hatt also occasionally sends Arry, Bert, and Diesel to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry, where they do actually attempt to hold back in their pranks and mischief, as an attempt to impress to Narrow Gauge Engines.

Nowadays, Arry and Bert mostly remain in the Dieselworks, sulking and scheming, and are not often seen out of the Ironworks.


Arry and Bert are devious, self-centered, and scheming. They enjoy nothing more than causing trouble and creating havoc around the railway. They have an enormous dislike for steam engines, and love scrapping them. However, they are not very creative, and normally follow orders rather than coming up with devious plans themselves. They are, however, only loyal to a certain few (Diesel 10, Diesel, and P.T. Boomer to name a few), and follow those individuals' orders to the letter.