First Appearance Culdee Crosses the Border (Cameo)

A Diesel Railway (First Full Appearance)

Basis BR Class 35 "Hymek" Bo-Bo
Livery Light blue with a gray roof
Voice Actor DidYouSayReviews

Bear, named for the growling noises his engine makes, is a diesel.


Bear was built on The Other Railway with his brother, D199. However, the railway could only afford to keep one of them, so Bear was sent away to another railway. He was the first engine to arrive on that railway, and Norman, Paxton, Dennis, Rusty, and Sidney soon followed. Eventually, the six engines came to Sodor.

Bear was noticed by Sir Topham Hatt as being a very strong engine. Therefore, he was asked to pull the Express as a trial run. He succeded, and Gordon, feeling disgraced, challenged him to a race. Bear easily won this race as well. Luckily, he managed to get on Gordon's good side by helping him with the Express when Gordon broke down.

Bear was not happy when he saw that his brother D199 was on Sodor and attempts to steer clear of him.

Bear currently can be seen rushing around the island with coaches or goods trains. He enjoys working at the Docks. His best friends are BoCo, Derek, and Henry.


Bear is a friendly, hard-working chap who enjoys nothing more than speeding around Sodor and enjoying the beautiful countryside. He also loves pulling the express. He is a loyal and cheerful engine who does not like engines who cause trouble, such as his brother, D199.

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