Big City Engine
First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)
Basis LMS "Patriot" 4-6-0
Livery Dark green with red lining and grey wheels and cylinders
Voice Actor Currently Unknown

The engine simply known as "The Big City Engine" is a visiting engine from the Mainland. He is good friends with Spencer.


The Big City Engine once stayed the night in Vicarstown on the Island of Sodor, where he got into a heated debate with Gordon and Duck about what a specific station in London was named. The engine left early the next morning, but the argument still continued between Gordon and Duck.

A while after this incident, the Big City Engine was purchased by the Mainland's Preservation Society. He would occasionally return to Sodor while passing through to go to another destination, or to help with trains.

Months later, Sir Topham Hatt loaned the Big City Engine from the Preservation Society. He brought him to Sodor to help out with the ever-increasing workload in the time before Thomas recieved his coaches. He currently resides on Sodor and is friends with Spencer, another engine owned by the Preservation Society.


Patriot is snooty and stuck-up. He cares about nobody but himself (and maybe Spencer) and often gets too caught up in his own importance to work very hard. He is a quite pretentious engine, and believes that he is always right, as shown by his argument with Duck and Gordon.