First Appearance Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus (Cameo)
Basis BR Class 28 Co-Bo Diesel-electric engine
Livery Green with gray roof
Voice Actor 0903Thomas

BoCo is a hardworking and friendly diesel engine who works on Edward's branchline.


BoCo accidentally took Bill and Ben's trucks when he first arrived on Sodor, and the two played a trick on him using their identical appearances to their advantage. Edward stopped the prank, and Bill and Ben soon came to respect BoCo. He eventually became well at home on the Northwestern Railway.

BoCo was sent to work by Sir Topham Hatt at the Blue Mountain Quarry, along with Bill, Ben, Mavis, and the Narrow Gauge Engines. He enjoys transporting coal and gravel around the railway, as well as pulling passenger trains around the island when none of the other express engines are around.

BoCo can currently be seen pulling trains around the Island and helping other engines out. He is good friends with Derek, Edward, and Duck, as well as Bill and Ben.


BoCo is a kind, hardworking, and sensible engine. He wants every engine on the railway to be safe, and enjoys helping out other engines. He deeply values his friends' companionship, and is a true friend. He enjoys feeling valued, and is a very trustworthy engine.  Many engines hold him in high regard, since he is fair, friendly, and not afraid to speak his mind. BoCo is one of the few respectable, likable diesels on the island, being happy to show engines that diesels can have their uses. Because he is such a versatile diesel, BoCo enjoys doing any kind of work, including pulling main line passenger trains or freight trains.

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