First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)
Basis Great Western Railway 57xx 0-6-0 pannier tank
Livery Green with yellow lining and black wheels.
Voice Actor TheHaza47

Duck, also known as Montague, is a Great Western Saddle Tank engine who is known as such because of his "waddle".


Duck first came to the North Western Railway to help Percy when the work in the Yard proved to be too tough. After he had a run-in with Diesel, he was temporarily sent to work with Edward on his branchline. However, after he stopped a runaway train, he was brought back to the main line, and Diesel was sent to work at the Sodor Dieselworks. He was given a warm welcome by Sir Topham Hatt and the rest of the engines.

Duck enjoys pulling trains and freight cars, and is good friends with Rocky. When Edward and Harvey are unavailable, he pulls Rocky to help out at accident sites. He also works with Oliver and Toad on the Little Western Railway. He also works at the rebuilding site of Ulfstead Castle.


Duck is a diligent, cheerful engine. He stands for no nonsense, and is an efficient worker who gets things done. He insists that things be done "The Great Western Way", which can annoy some engines. Duck can have a tendancy to daydream, but he only does this when he is by the sea. He is a perfectionist, but is very good at what he does. Duck has a winning sense of humor, but he takes his work very seriously.


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