Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.50.27 AM
First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (cameo)

Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus (does not speak)

Basis GNR G Stirling Single
Livery Emerald with gold lining and brown running boards
Voice Actor RailwayofSodor

 Emily is a large green tender engine who is very proud of her large wheels.


Emily was brought to Sodor to help out with odd jobs on the main line. She accidentally stole Annie and Clarabel from Thomas, which caused everybody to dislike her. However, after she saved Oliver and Toad from a nasty predicament, the engines forgave her and she became a well-respected member of the Sodor family. 

After Rickety crashed at the bottom of Gordon's Hill, Emily brought S.C. Ruffey to reprimand him under Sir Topham Hatt's orders.

Emily does odd jobs around Sodor, but mostly works near the main line, shunting and pulling trains. She also occasionally works at the Blue Mountain Quarry. She is good friends with Paxton, James, and Henry

Persona Edit

Emily is kind and friendly and acts as a sister figure to the other engines. She is quick to apologize for things, some of which may not even be her fault. However, she can tend to get in trouble because she often acts bossy and fussy. She tends to treat James like a little brother. She has a big heart and enjoys looking after her friends.

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