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First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Does Not Speak)
Basis Dubs Crane Engine No. 4101, nicknamed "Dubsy"
Livery Burgundy with yellow lining
Voice Actor Friend of MrMPS2002's

Harvey is a crane engine that lives and works on the Island of Sodor. He works with Rocky and Edward.


When Harvey first arrived on Sodor, he was teased by all the other engines except Thomas. However, he proved to be an invaluable asset to the railway when he saved Percy from an accident at Bulgy's Bridge. Since then, he has proved very useful, using his crane arm for maintenance, building and clearing up. He mostly works at Brendam Docks and in the Yard.

When James broke down on top of Henry's Tunnel, Harvey arrived and towed him away to the Steamworks.


Harvey is a cheerful, thoughtful, helpful, strong crane engine. He does not care if engines make fun of his odd shape and crane attachment, and mostly tries to focus on his work. He is a very thoughtful engine, and enjoys work. He is a very versatile engine and can work just about anywhere. He also enjoys cleaning up accidents and proving that his crane attachment can be very useful.