First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)
Basis Crane Truck
Livery Dark blue with a cream crane arm and red lining
Voice Actor Friend of MrMPS2002's

Kelly is a crane that works for Miss Jenny Packard. He is the oldest member of the Pack, having originally worked for Miss Jenny's father.


When the Pack was originally owned by Miss Jenny's father, Kelly was his first machine. When Miss Jenny took control of the company, Kelly became extremely loyal to her, and became her most trusted machine and the leader of the Pack. He enjoys working hard.

Kelly works happily on the various construction sites. In addition to lifting construction materials, he also works hard at keeping everyone cool and collected.


Kelly is an extremely wise, conscious, trustworthy machine. He is Miss Jenny's most trusted machine. He is quite often the voice of reason on the site. Kelly has a good heart and gets along with everyone on the construction site, but is especially good friends with Isabella and Jack. However, he does not enjoy the company of Max and Monty, due to their rude and slacker attitudes, but still manages to tolerate them. He has a fear of winds.

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