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First Appearance Thomas Helps Out
Basis Avonside 0-4-0ST
Livery Green with red-and-yellow lining
Voice Actor LNERFlyingScotsman (Thomas Helps Out-Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus)

EnterTheEngines (Pirate Onwards)

Percy is a small green tank engine who is Thomas's best friend. He is the number six engine on the railway.


Percy was brought to the railway when Gordon, Henry, and James refused to shunt their own coaches. He came from the same warehouse as Victor. After the three big engines learned sense, Percy stayed on the railway and was assigned to help at Brendam Docks, where he met Duck. The two became fast friends. Percy later met Thomas, and the two became best friends.

After Thomas recieved his coaches and branchline, Percy was one of the engines who congratulated him. He then teased James about his earlier breakdown on top of Henry's Tunnel.

Percy later took a long freight train, which Rickety broke away from and ended up in a field.

Percy was one of the engines who thought that Mighty Mac was a very strange and unreliable engine. He was proven wrong when Mighty Mac saved him from an accident involving one of The Pack's construction sites.

When Dodge was sent to help out on Thomas' branchline, Percy steered clear of the troublesome diesel. Nevertheless, the diesel still managed to sabotage his train.

Percy was one of the engines who helped out with the Narrow Gauge Expansion Project.

Percy currently works hard on Thomas' Branchline, doing odd jobs, pulling coaches, and pushing trains. His best friends are Thomas and Toby, and he often works with them.


Percy is a happy, curious, optimistic engine who enjoys working hard with his friends. He is a good friend, and is very trustworthy. However, he can be a bit naive. Nontheless, he is anxious, hardworking, and eager to please. His favorite job is taking the Mail around Sodor. He can, however, sometimes feel put upon with his work. He has a small rivalry with Harold the Helicopter.