Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus05:20

Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus

Rickety's Ridiculous Ruckus is the second episode of the first season. It was written by MrMPS2002 and HenryisGreat15.


One day, the trucks in the yard are bickering about Rickety, and his plans with the trucks, after Scruffy put him in charge due to his accident. Rickety objects, stating that Scruffy put him in charge and that is that.

Meanwhile, at Tidmouth Sheds, Gordon and Henry are arguing with James over the accident with Scruffy, which the red engine had caused. They state that James is a disgrace to the big engines, but even with James' replies, he is shut up by Gordon and Henry. Percy listens to their conversation and is worried about the train of trucks he has to take. He sets off to pick up the trucks, finding the all the trucks silent, except Rickety.

Rickety demands to know who the engine behind him is, before Fred answers, saying it's Percy. Rickety, being self-obsessed, says that he is the leader of the trucks, and Scruffy is not needed, much to the anger of the trucks. Percy, shunts the trucks into a line, and sets off for Vicarstown. More to be added later...


  • Enterprisingengine93 as Rickety
  • BertramFan1 as Fred
  • Doubtfire5599 as S.C. Ruffy
  • LNERFlyingScotsman as Percy
  • jlouvier as Sir Topham Hatt
  • WoodenRailwayReviews as James
  • HenryisGreat15 as Henry
  • TheBluebellEngine as Gordon
  • TheHaza47 as a Troublesome Truck
  • MrMPS2002 as Narrator and numerous other characters

Thomas, Boco, Hector, Skarloey, Henrietta, Jack, Emily, Bill, Ben, George, Spencer, Den, Dart, Splatter, Dodge, Diesel 261, Diesel 199, Diesel 10, Norman, Max, Byron, Alfie, Terence, Whiff, Patrick, Diesel, Stepney, Fergus, Belle, Flynn, Oliver, Madge, Billy, Butch, and Stanley also appear in this episode. However, they are not voiced by anyone and either make cameo's and/or don't speak.


  • The title of the episode was suggested by 3HenrytheGreenEngine.
  • The video is dedicated to jlouvier.

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