First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (cameo)
Basis BR Class 07 Diesel shunter
Livery Crimson with pink warning stripes along his body and black-and-yellow stripes on his front and rear
Voice Actor HenryisGreat15

Salty is a diesel who works at Brendam Docks. He loves to tell tales of the sea.


Salty was brought to Sodor to help Bill and Ben at the Blue Mountain Quarry. He showed an impressive skill with trucks. Sir Topham Hatt noticed his fondness for the sea, and sent him to work as the dockside diesel at Brendam Docks. 

At the Docks, Salty frequently tells pirate stories and speaks in "pirate-talk". Many of the engines find him strange, but do not question him, as he is an extremely hard worker. He is very friendly, despite his strange mannerisms, and his closest friends are Bill and Ben and Edward.


Salty is cheerful and enthusiastic and is a friend to all. He is always happy to tell stories of the sea. He is one of the only engines who can keep Bill and Ben in order. Despite the fact that he can seem very silly, the engines all take him seriously because he works hard.