Sam Jones
Full Name Samuel Carlos Jones
First Appearance Culdee Crosses the Border (Cameo)

Victor's Paint Job (First full appearance)

Affiliations Robert Shaw
Voice Actor HenryisGreat15

Sam Jones is a bumbling con artist. He is Robert Shaw's partner-in-crime, and the two often attempt to con the citizens of Sodor.


Sam, like Robert, wears mostly black. He wears a black suit, a black fedora hat, and black pants with a white pinstripe suit and a blue tie underneath. He always has a goofy smile on his face.


Sam is not very bright, to say the least, and is the bungler of Robert and his group. He often lets Robert talk him into doing the grunt work while Robert relaxes. Sam often inadvertently causes their plans to fail, revealing a key secret they are attempting to withhold from their victims or something along those lines to reveal that they are attempting to scam their victims. Sam also believes that he is the smarter of the two and that Robert is HIS pawn, but it is in fact the exact opposite. In fact Robert has often lost patience with Sam and attempted to commit schemes without him, but the two always end up back together.


Robert and Sam's first scheme involving Sodor involved attempting to sell dangerous and defective products to the high-ups of Sodor, including Sir Topham Hatt. However, Victor accidentally exposed them as frauds, and they were arrested. Some time later, the two were paroled from prison and were spotted attempting to deal heroin to some criminals of Sodor. However, they were once again accidentally stopped by Fergus's runaway freight train, and were arrested again. Robert managed to talk the judge into releasing him on bail, but Sam did not have enough money to pay for his bail, staying in prison while Robert attempted to scam workers into buying shoddy quality products for the Narrow Gauge Expansion project. However, Robert was soon found out and rejoined Sam in prison.


Season 1: Culdee Crosses the Border (Cameo) Victor's Paint Job, Fretful Fergus, A Narrow Gauge Tale (Mentioned)