Sir Handel
First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)
Basis Sir Haydn (an engine on The Talyllyn Railway)
Livery Blue with red and yellow lining
Voice Actor LNERFlyingScotsman

Sir Handel (formerly known as Falcon) is a narrow gauge tank engine.


Sir Handel, originally known as Falcon, was an engine on the Mid Sodor Railway. He worked with Duke, Stuart, Bertram, and Smudger. Duke rescued Falcon from falling off a cliff, and the little engine has held him in high esteem ever since. When their railway closed down, Falcon, Stuart, and Bertram were bought by Sir Topham Hatt to work on Sodor, with Falcon and Stuart being renamed Sir Handel and Peter Sam. Years later, Duke was also rediscovered, and rejoined the three on the Skarloey Railway.

When Sir Handel arrived on the railway, he had many adventures, including a run-in with George the Steamroller, a quarrel with Duncan, and an accident involving his trucks pulverizing Peter Sam. He was sent to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry as an attempt He helped out with the Narrow Gauge Expansion Project, where the Skarloey Railway was built, and came under the control of The Thin Controller.


Sir Handel is fiesty, stubborn, and rude. He often complains about working at the Blue Mountain Quarry, and also quarrels with his fellow narrow gauge engines. He does not like being told what to do, and often rebels against Sir Topham Hatt, and later, The Thin Controller. He hates George the Steamroller, and the two have a bitter rivalry. However, Sir Handel can be a reliable, helpful, and good-hearted engine. He can have a habit of getting too big for his wheels, as well as feigning ill. He looks up to Duke as a mentor and is good friends with Peter Sam, Bertram, and Fearless Freddie.