First Appearance Culdee Crosses the Border (Cameo)
Basis Railway Ballast Spreader
Livery Yellow, with black lining, yellow goggles, and a black and green flatbed
Voice Actor CA62Mini

The machine known as the Sodor Railway Repair works on the North Western Railway, spreading ballast and repairing tracks.


The Sodor Railway Repair was brought to Sodor to help spread ballast and repair tracks. He requested a name, but the engines simply took to calling him "The Sodor Railway Repair", due to it being painted on his sides, and the name has stuck ever since.

The Sodor Railway Repair was spotted by Culdee racing to repair a trackbed on Thomas's branchline.

The Railway Repair currently works hard refurbishing and repairing tracks around Sodor. He does not like working with Donald and Douglas, since they often tease him for his odd appearance. He often works with Mike.


The Sodor Railway Repair is a quiet, introspective machine. He does not speak often, but when he does, his words are almost always intelligent and retrospective. He is a hard worker, and is extremely dedicated to his work. The Sodor Railway Repair is good friends with Mike, Oliver, and James, but he detests Donald and Douglas.