First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (cameo)
Basis LNER Class A4 pacific
Livery Metallic silver with black lining
Voice Actor KnapfordMaster98

 Spencer is a sleek, shiny silver engine from the Mainland that is owned by The Duke and Duchess of Boxford.


Spencer is the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's private engine. He came from the Mainland, where he was a good friend of the Big City Engine. When the Duke and Duchess told Spencer that they wanted to move to Sodor, Spencer brought them to Sodor and showed them the sites of Sodor, including Knapford Station. The Duke and Duchess brought Spencer back to Sodor many times to see the different sights of Sodor, with Spencer leaving a bad impression on the engines each time he visited.

When the Duke and Duchess decided to live on Sodor, they brought Spencer with them. He was welcomed at a special ceremony by Sir Topham Hatt and the other engines, causing Spencer to think that he is more important than the other engines of Sodor, leading to an animosity between him and several other engines, including Gordon, Henry, and James

Spencer currently shuttles the Duke and Duchess around Sodor, as pompous and arrogant as ever.


Spencer is vain, proud, and arrogant. He considers himself to be above the other engines of Sodor, and he does not have many friends. Spencer is very nosy, sneaky, neglectful, and impatient. Around his friend the Big City Engine, he acts even more haughty and arrogant to seem more important, but this normally backfires. The Duke and Duchess occasionally loan Spencer to The Fat Controller for important tasks and odd jobs.