First Appearance The Diesels' Trick
Basis North Staffordshire Railway's battery-electric No. 1
Livery Brown with a black roof and yellow lining
Voice Actor retroguy55

Stafford is an electric shunting engine who came to Sodor to help with the shunting duties.


When Stafford first arrived on Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt sent him to the Yard. Bill and Ben teased him for his odd appearance, but when the two ran out of coal, Stafford had to shunt them to Knapford. When they got there, Sir Topham Hatt congratulated Stafford for his hard work and declared that Stafford was a really useful engine, welcoming him to Sodor.


Stafford is very patient, calm, and mannerly. He does not let the antics of the bigger, haughtier engines bother him too much, keeps level-headed as he goes about his day, and brushes off any troubles without much fuss. He is more than content with taking things slow and not having to travel long distances and he is more than proud to work on the Fat Controller's railway.

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