The Flying Scotsman
First Appearance Currently Unknown
Basis The Flying Scotsman (real engine)
Livery LNER green with black and yellow lining
Voice Actor SodorFan2K10

The Flying Scotsman is a large, specially designed two-tendered engine who is Gordon's brother. He was previously owned by Sir Topham Hatt before he was bought by the Mainland's Preservation Society.


The Flying Scotsman is one of the fastest engines in the history of the world. He holds the record for being the first engine to officially run at 100 mph. He was formerly privately owned before The Fat Controller bought him so that his brother would not be lonely anymore. He was the catalyst of Henry's humiliating "tender incident".

When The Flying Scotsman first arrived on Sodor after being bought by Sir Topham Hatt, some engines (including Diesel, Bill and Ben, and Douglas) made fun of him, because they thought the reason he had two tenders was because he was weak. When they were informed of the engine's exploits, the engines' teasing quickly haulted.

The Flying Scotsman enjoys pulling passenger trains and being a really useful engine. He also enjoyes racing his fellow engines. 

The Flying Scotsman was recently purchased, along with Hiro, by the Mainland's Preservation Society. He was emblazoned with a "Mainland Railway" crest on his cab, but was allowed to stay on Sodor on the condition that he would not do any work that would put him at risk. He enjoys racing around Sodor, pulling passenger trains, and competing in friendly races with his fellow engines.


The Flying Scotsman is an extremely popular engine among engines and islanders alike. Despite the fact that he is very popular, however, he does not let his popularity get in the way of his kindness and charisma. He attempts to be kind to any engine he comes across, and is a very charming engine. Almost every engine enjoys his company (even the diesels). He is extremely close to his brother Gordon.

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