First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)
Basis Not any known quarry machine
Livery Orange-red with his name painted on his side of his bonnet in white
Voice Actor Currently unknown

Thumper is a quarry machine with two arms and caterpillar treads owned by the Sodor Construction Company who was brought to the island to help loosen and collect rock at the Centre Island Quarry.


Thumper was built by the Sodor Mining Company and brought to the quarry to help clear rock, but his arms accidentally dislodged an enormous boulder. The boulder caused a large deal of havoc along the Narrow Gauge and Standard Gauge lines before destroying the Narrow Gauge sheds. 

After this incident, he was severely reprimanded by Sir Topham Hatt, and was going to be sent to the Mainland before Miss Jenny Packard bought him to work with The Pack. Miss Jenny had her workmen repair him to the point where he could work without getting severely out of control, and he worked successfully with the Pack for a long time. Sir Topham Hatt, noticing his improvement, sent him to work with the Narrow Gauge engines at the Blue Mountain Quarry, where he currently resides.


Thumper is very laid-back machine. He is cool and collected, but he can be very accident-prone. He is a friend to just about all the road vehicles, and enjoys chatting with the engines on the railway. He is also a very persistent and hard worker.

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