First Appearance Thomas Helps Out (Cameo)

Victor's Paint Job (First Full Appearance)

Basis Minaz No. 1173
Livery Dark red with yellow lining (Originally yellow with green lining)
Voice Actor mambisdpambis

Victor is a repair engine that can go on both Standard Gauge and Narrow Gauge tracks that resides at the Sodor Steamworks.


When Sir Topham Hatt originally purchased Percy from a warehouse on the Mainland to work on his railway, Victor was one of the three engines that were the top contenders for purchase, due to his charm and charisma.  However, when Percy won out over the other engines, Victor felt disappointed. When he and the other engines were informed that they would be scrapped unless they were sold within the next month, Victor especially panicked. However, luckily for Victor, Sir Topham Hatt decided he wanted an engine to shuttle parts and machinery around the island, so Victor was called in to help. 

Victor's job was to shunt around Sodor, and he was a good hard worker, but he felt somewhat underworked and underappreciated. He mostly enjoyed working in the Yards of Sodor because he was the only one there, and therefore there was nobody to bother him. However, he didn't mind speaking to any other engine that passed through.

One morning, however, there were three other engines shunting there as punishment since they each had done something bad. The Yard Manager sent Victor to work at the Docks. There, he unwittingly exposed Robert Shaw and his assistant/partner Sam Jones's evil schemes by way of an accident involving their coal cars falling into Brendam Bay. The evil pair were arrested, but unfortunately, Victor also fell into the ocean with the coal cars. His paint job was completely ruined, but he was commended by Sir Topham Hatt and given a brand new red paint job.

Victor recently helped out with the Narrow Gauge Expansion Project by giving out supplies to workmen and engines.

Nowadays, Victor works at the Sodor Steamworks with his new partner Kevin the Crane. He is one of the most knowledgeable engines on the island. He is good friends with Luke, Thomas, and Paxton.


Victor is a kind, hardworking engine. He is one of the only things keeping the Sodor Steamworks running, and he tries to make everyone feel welcome and safe while they are being repaired at the Steamworks. Victor is one of the brightest engines on Sodor, and he has a winning sense of humor. Victor is very friendly but takes his work very seriously, cannot stand nonsense, and has a very low tolerance for shenanigans that other engines attempt to pull on him or around the works. He knows his way around the works very well, and knows what tool to use to fix just about any problem.